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The feeling can only be described as agony: so close, yet so far.

Scott’s Cheap Flight’s is deliciously tormenting. I recently discovered this newsletter as I began to look for flights to Europe. The cheapest tickets between Washington, DC and Warsaw ran around $850. While this was not untenably expensive, it was more expensive than I wanted to pay.

I took to the interwebs, thinking that someone both nerdier and more obsessive than myself must have solved this problem. As luck would have it, someone had.

Scott’s newsletter (I assume he’s a real dude)┬ásends out a few emails a week, letting you know about unadvertised sales on international flights. A week after I subscribed, I had found a round trip ticket to Glasgow for $443 during the peak of summer. Throw in a RyanAir ticket from from there to Warsaw, Poland and you’re still saving over $300.

Today, Scott sent out a flight from Boston to Norway for $243. The feeling can only be described as agony: so close, yet so far. But if you have the flexibility or the patience, the agony would be more than worth it.

This seems to be one of the clear benefits of being a teacher. There are a few periods of the year with free time that is guaranteed in advance and a continuing paycheck to go with it. Perhaps, this also a benefit of being young and childless. Regardless, I have both.

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