Flo Rida Reaches Out To Youth Market With New Single

Flo Rida’s new single, Cake, reaches out to a new segment of the youth market. While many thought that the youths were fully tapped by the likes of Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo, Flo Rida has demonstrated that they were not thinking broadly enough.

Young anxiety has long gone unnoticed. While many young humans enjoy the company of others and feel the need to join in popular events, engaging in a sense of community, others feel only the cold sensation of social obligation. The crushing weight normalcy rests upon them.

Imagine the scene preceding the events of the song. A young person is told that they must attend a party in celebration of a birthday. The celebrant will be upset if they do not attend. Sometimes attendance is just a meaningful gesture. Begrudgingly, our hero does so, if only to keep the peace.

The youth wants to cry as they leave the comfort of their home, but they begin to feel hopeful as they think of what lies ahead. Maybe they can find a new friend, just one, that they could have over for a playdate later. Maybe there will be a delicious cake on a table of delicious treats. Maybe there will be an abundance of sodas.

It is Flo Rida’s hopefulness in the face of adversity that makes this a true classic. He perfectly captures the challenges of the youths, yearning for some small comforts for their troubles. The appeal of this anthem is limitless. After all, we’ve all been a child before.

Featured photo courtesy of Kate Ames.

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